15631 SW Oregon St, Sherwood, OR 97140 / (503) 625-7359

About Us


Welcome to the family!

Here at Sherwood New Life Family Center, everyone is a part of the family. When you enter our building, expect the smell of fresh coffee, a lot of smiles, and one of the friendliest churches you have ever seen!  A lot of organizations from businesses to sports teams use the term family to build around.  Here at New Life it is not a slogan but part of our DNA.

We have used the name Family Center as each member of the family is important to us.  We have different programs for every age level and want to see every member of your family with an opportunity to grow and have an encounter with a living God.

We are also an Assemblies of God affiliated church which makes us accountable and keeps us from straying off into unbiblical beliefs and actions.  Our pastors have a deep educational background and the teaching though rich, is brought with a level of practicality to our everyday lives.


We Meet Sunday Mornings at 10 am at the Little White Church on Oregon Street

Our Youth Ministry Meets Sunday evenings at 6 pm

The Journey Meets Wednesday Evenings at 6:15pm

15631 SW Oregon St, Sherwood, OR 97140

If you have any Questions Please Contact Us!