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New Life KidZ

Here at Sherwood New Life, we are a relational church, and our Kidz ministry follows the same principles: Kids don’t care what you know, until they know you care. We aim to create healthy connections from kid to kid and leader to kid that help create an environment that is open, loving, and modeled after Jesus and his love for us. It isn’t about process, it’s about relationships. These relationships include YOU the parent and we do our best to equip our leaders with tools to help you in growing your child’s faith.

Children’s ministry is a fundamental part of any healthy growing church, and here at Sherwood New Life Kidz Ministry we understand the importance of putting the FUN in Fundamental. We create a fresh energetic environment built around kids needs and wants. When we make children’s ministry entertaining we:

  • Show kids that we respect their needs
  • Allow them to be kids
  • Show God is a fun God
  • Show Serving and Learning about God is Fun
  • Engage them on their level

Sherwood New Life Kidz ministry goal is to have a fresh ministry that is practical and relevant to today’s world and the lives your family live. We aim to stay aware of the culture around our children and help them to face these issues with helpful principals from the Word of God. We want to help YOU the parent to engage with your children on a spiritual level and grow in your faith together. We don’t want to just give them information to memorize but tools to equip them for life as they grow in their faith and teach others the love of Christ. We don’t’ want to just play games for an hour, but help to capture their hearts for Christ for a lifetime.